Packing: the art of throwing it all in

I have never been much of a packer.

I am fantastic at unpacking and I live for organizing, but packing has never been an art I have much speciality in.

Before every trip I find myself browsing Pinterest for hours in awe of the women who can pack one carry-on for a month away. What is their secret and how do they pull it off so stylishly?

As I packed for Banff last week, I had resolved that I would cut myself some slack. Who cares if I wasn’t a great packer? Did it really change anything? Does possessing a talent for minimalism really change your life? These were all questions I asked myself as I packed up for my weekend away.

But then I got to the airport…

Although I could lift my suitcase easily with one hand, my test for whether my luggage was going to tip the scales, it weighed a whopping 31 kg!

And then it hit me. I had forgotten the anxiety I felt waiting to see if the airline staff would notice how heavy my case was.

Although I travelled to Calgary and back with no heavy baggage fees my mind was not calmed on the trip home. My suitcase weighed in at 33 kg with the souvenirs and supplies I had bought while away. This seemed both excessive and embarrassing, even if I did have hiking boots and a sleeping bag in the case.

So now I vow to bring the bare minimum on my June trip to San Francisco and see how that goes. My first trip to America in over a decade will now also serve as my test run for lighter travel.

I will continue to browse Pinterest in the hopes of becoming a minimalist traveller but only time will tell as to whether I can truly travel light.

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