Resolutions Reframed

It’s a new year and with a new year comes New Years Resolutions. Though some do not like the idea of setting resolutions I love the opportunity to focus on my dreams and aspirations for the coming year. This year when I was thinking of resolutions a few great ones came to mind and I immediately set out on writing them down in my old traditional way:

  1. Not cutting my hair for a full 12 months. (trims are allowed but no big chops)
  2. Eating out of hunger and for nourishment, instead of out of boredom.
  3. Publishing one blog post per week.

After writing my goals down I remembered that the most effective way for me to integrate change into my life is by changing my mindset. So this year I am choosing an alternative approach to resolutions that leaves me with a much more positive frame of mind. I simply ask myself: How do you want to feel? 

Instead of feeling the pressure to stick to a rigid goal, even if it is not serving me anymore, I focus on how I want to feel and this pushes me towards my goal more organically. If I want to integrate more calm into my life, for example, then I focus on ways in which I can feel more calm throughout my week and look for opportunities to make choices that will help me feel more calm throughout my day. I might start taking my lunch break consistently each day or going for a short walk to get some time in nature. With this in mind I reframed my resolutions based how I want to feel going into 2019. This year:

  1. I want to feel self confident.
  2. I want to feel nourished and healthy in my body.
  3. I want to feel expressive, creative and connected to something bigger than myself (a community).

An added benefit of focusing on how I  want to feel instead of a specific goal, is the amount of flexibility I am allowed. By focusing on and valuing feelings over rigid benchmarks I allow myself the flexibility to modify my plan and try new things along the way to reach my overall goal. I am not stuck in a single plan or faced with the challenge of continuing on a route that doesn’t fulfill me or bring me joy.

How about you? How do you want to feel this year?

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