Crafting your Goals

I am a firm believer in intention setting. I believe that what you put out there into the world comes back to you. If I want something, whether it’s a promotion, a chance to explore the world or a new exciting opportunity then I have to ask the universe for it and truly believe I deserve it.

In order to live out your intentions you have to surround yourself with them and remind yourself of them often. One of my favourite ways to incorporate intention setting into my daily life is through visualization. For Christmas I was given window writers and I use them to cover my mirrored bedroom closet with motivational quotes and self care statements that help me reaffirm what matters most to me.

A key aspect of moving in the direction of your dreams is loving yourself enough to go for it. Having daily reminders that you deserve love, kindness and all that is good in this world helps to give you the self confidence and compassion to move in the direction of your dreams.

It is easy to bring intention setting into your daily life without a lot of work. My favourite new intention setting exercise is creating a Vision Board. This past weekend I invited some girlfriends over for a wine and crafting night where we each made our own vision boards full of our goals for this year and the indefinite future.

Creating a vision board is simple, all you need is a picture frame, some magazines and glue. Your board can be as colourful and complex or as simple and minimalistic as you like. The main goal is that this board reflects the person you are now and who you would like to become. Your board acts as a subconscious reminder of your goals and helps you to create new pathways in your brain that reinforce your values and help you to create the life you imagine for yourself.

If you have some time this weekend why not create your own vision board? Just be sure to display your work of art somewhere where you will see it regularly, like your vanity, so that you get the most out of your craft project.


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