Bring on the Adventures!

Well it’s official, most of the tickets are bought and the vacation requests have been approved. Starting in February my year of travel begins.

Last year I didn’t use all of my allocated vacation time and was lucky enough to be able to carry over the extra days. This year my intention is to take full advantage of all my vacation time and so I am going on at least four awesome trips before year end.

In 2018 I am visiting the first country I called home, outside of my country of birth, and exploring parts of North and Central America that I have never visited before.  I plan to take many pictures, write a host of blog posts and embrace all the new: new opportunities, new people, new cultures and new adventures.

My 2018 Travel Itinerary (thus far):

  • Portland, Oregon to explore all the famous bookstores, craft beer haunts and hipster vibes that this American city has to offer.
  • Cabo, Mexico to soak in the sun and enjoy the sea.
  • Prince Edward Islands, Canada to taste the famous seafoods and experience what East Coast living is all about.
  • Agra, Bhubaneswar & Dehli, India to learn more about the art of photography and see more of the beautiful country that I called home when I was very young.

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