Beauty essentials for long-haul travel

A flight from Vancouver to Delhi takes about fourteen and a half hours, a long time even for the most seasoned traveler. While up in the air for an extended period of time having a tailored skincare routine will help keep your skin from drying out and have you leaving the plane feeling pretty and refreshed.

During my last long-haul trip in November, when I ventured back to India for the first time in twenty two years with my Mom, I packed small and that included packing the bare minimum for my skincare routine. However, no matter how minimally I pack I would not dream of getting on a flight without my travel essentials. 

To live your best life while on vacation take the time to keep moisturized and hydrated on the plane, so that when you land you can be confident you are heading off on your adventure germ and fatigue free. Not only will keeping hydrated, by drinking lots of water and not over indulging in alcoholic beverages, keep you looking fresh; it will also help prevent you from catching a cold while up in the air, when combined with some strategic moisturizing. 

When doing a long haul flight or train ride I always take a small makeup bag filled with my travel beauty essentials in my backpack or purse. Keeping your face, hands and nasal passages moisturized helps prevent your mucous membranes from drying out and blocks germs from settling into your skin and getting into your system.

My long haul travel beauty essentials include:

Aquaphor Lip Repair

One thing I can’t stand when I travel, and just in general, is chapped/peeling lips and this drugstore lip balm is a miracle worker. Split lips? This wonder balm both soothes and moisturizes, helping you feel confident in your smile. Dry, ashy, peeling lips? This product also helps restore your lips to their previous brilliance while also adding a shine that looks very similar to a MAC Lipglass without the stickiness. I like to swipe some of this on when I first get on the plane, after meals and any time my lips feel like they need a little pick me up.

Clinique Moisture Surge spray

This little bottle lasts forever and is a true multitasker that can take you from hot and humid environments to cold and dry ones. Whether it’s a quick spritz of the face to cool off in the desert or a few sprays to wake you up , a few sprays of this after a long time in the sky truly delivers.

Clinique Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate

This gel like moisturizer is super lightweight and although the bottle looks large it is actually about 48 ml, which is safely under the 100 ml carry-on liquid limits. Being a water-gel hybrid this moisturizer is great for all skin types and leaves my combination oily skin happy, hydrated and just a little bit dewy and plump like I have just had a great facial at the spa.

All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage

Especially effective when placed in the fridge, to keep it nice and cool, this eye massage roller is incredible for decreasing puffiness and preventing dark circles under the eyes. It also works wonders on eyes that are swollen from crying from that rom com or two you decided to watch to kill time.

Rhinaris Nasal Gel 


Nasal gel might not be glamourous, or particularily nice to think about, but I can safely say this is the most essential thing for any trip (whether it be by a train, plane, boat or bus ride). Keeping your nasal passages moisturized, while in environments with recycled air, helps keep the muscus lining in your nostrils moist preventing germs from sneaking into crevices in your skin and getting into your system. I get sick easily, so nasal gel is my secret to preventing illness while travelling. I apply a small amount in each nostril first thing after I board the plane and then before I sleep to keep the germs away. 



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