Keeping your fierce during a cold

With the temperatures dropping and snow days hitting us here on the west coast, we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Do we cozy up inside and hide from the cold or do we go out and brave the elements?

Whether you have to venture out for work or are bundled up inside something that none of us seem to be able to avoid this season is a really bad cold.

When someone gets sick in the office, or I feel a cold coming on I start packing in all the vitamins and trying to get extra rest telling myself ‘I don’t have time for illness’ and it will just skip me.

Well, that is a nice dream that rarely works out for me. Usually, I can put off illness for about a week but eventually I get hit with it. And once I get sick all I want to do is recover as fast as possible. I Google tons of home remedies, try to stay in bed, feel sorry for myself and feel terribe; until finally I accept that my body will recover at its own pace.

Although I have learned to accept that I cannot control the fact that I will get sick I have found one thing that I can control, and that’s how I will look and feel once I have recovered.

To keep my face looking fresh and crack free I make sure to apply Vaseline or Aquafor to my nose and lips throughout the day. Making sure to have a layer of moisturizing products between your delicate skin and rough tissues is key to ensuring that once you are over your cold your skin looks as fresh as it did before you got sick.

Besides my nose and lips, my hands always seem to fall apart when I am sick. I don’t know if I wash them more or if my body just gets really dehydrated, but my hands can become parched, cracked and start to peel if I am not careful.

During a bad cold the greasier the moisturizer the better, especially if it is full of natural waxes and butters such as cocoa butter and beeswax. Extremely dry skin needs the extra care and the butters and waxes keep moisture in while protecting your hands from the elements. One of my new favourites is the Moon Melt lotion bar from Moon Valley Organics in Seattle, with its blend of calendula, safflower oil and beeswax is both soothing and protecting.

Although sick days and time resting in your bed sounds ideal and luxurious, sometimes not being able to breathe out of both nostrils means you wake up every few hours and don’t get as much sleep as you would like. When this happens the dark circles and puffy eyes can strike. An easy way to combat that, other than making sure you take a ton of naps, is to apply your favourite eye cream and use a de-puffing eye-roller at least once a day. My go-to’s are Cliniques All about Eyes rich eye cream and then the All about Eyes serum roller which I keep chilled in my fridge.

When you feel sick and gross it is all too tempting to let your grooming routine go and not shower, live in your pyjamas and forget to brush your teeth. But you will feel and look better if you have that shower daily or better yet have a bath and brush your teeth. So once I have pulled myself out of self-pity mode I try and think of the time stuck in my house as a good time to do the beauty routines that I don’t usually have time for. Like taking the time for a decadent facial, long bath with a nice fizzy bath bomb or redoing my hairstyle for the days ahead.

Being sick is no fun and motivating yourself to keep up with your regular grooming, when you know you aren’t going to see anyone, can be hard but taking care of yourself will feel worth it when you have recovered and are ready to venture back out into the world.

The next time you come down with a bad cold instead of just sitting around making lists of all the things you took for granted when you were healthy; make the best of it and use the time stuck inside recovering to unwind and pamper yourself a bit. Take a nice long bath, make sure to keep up with your moisturizers, do a 5-minute moisture mask or try out that new skincare routine you weren’t sure of, you may be under the weather but you can still be fabulous.

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