🍆’s and 🍑’s, it must be Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year on top of loving the pink, and the hearts, and the chocolate and sparkling wine I am loving the scandalous way Lush helped us all usher in Valentines Day.

At the end of January I was scrolling through my Instagram only to see the best post I have ever seen from Lush. Before my eyes was a photo of a picnic scene with a basket full of eggplants and a caption that read “We’re going into 2019 with big 🍆 energy….Try not to get all hot’n bothered”. From that moment on I knew for the month of love I would be treating my single self to a bath that would make me laugh and laugh. 

As soon as I could I headed to my local Lush to pick up my own eggplant bath bomb. On my first try my local store didn’t have any in stock, the shipment was late, but that didn’t stop me I ventured back within a week. This time unfortunately a ton of other people had had the same idea and so they were sold out of the individual eggplant bombs but they had gift sets that included the eggplant of my dreams. So I went ahead and purchased not one limited edition bomb but a whole box of great Valentines Day treats, the I Heart Bathing box. 

For the second year in a row I am trying to treat myself to as much relaxation and self-care during the month of February as I can, sort of like a month long self-love and self-care celebration, so purchasing an entire box of bathing bliss instead of a single bath bomb seemed like it was meant to be.

Originally when I purchased the box the plan was to write a review of the entire box, but I quickly realized that even though I love baths I couldn’t possibly have five baths in two weeks and wouldn’t enjoy each one as much as I would without a time deadline hanging over my head. So instead I am offering you a review of my top two bath bombs from the box, the two I was dying to try out the most: the peach and the eggplant.

The Eggplant or Aubergine 🍆:

Photo courtesy of Lush

With all the cheeky advertising Lush has been doing to promote this bath bomb I was expecting this bomb to really pack a punch. So I am sad to report that in this case it really is a matter of remembering that it’s not all about the size but what you do with it. 

This adequate, if not a bit too small deep purple bath bomb can comfortably fit in your palm with room to spare; but in terms of relaxation it really does pack a punch.

With a slightly spicy smell, thanks to the bergamot, this bomb not only leaves your bath with deep purple tones but it has subtle hints of sparkle which I love! 

Typically I am a 10-15 minute bather but with the deeply decedent feeling I got from the eggplant I was easily in the tub for at least a half hour. Post bath my skin felt soft, comforted and my previously sore muscles were more relaxed then when I first prepared the tub.

I would give this bath bomb 9 out of 10, only because its size made me a bit sad but otherwise it made the bath of my dreams. 

The Peach or Peachy 🍑:

Photo courtesy of Lush

If you are only going to do two bath bombs from a gift set then of course you have to do the two most suggestive bombs in the box. With that in mind, the second bath bomb I decided to try was the peach and unlike the eggplant this baby lived up to all my expectations. 

First of all, this bomb was perfectly sized. Nice and plump, you could absolutely believe that this bomb was supposed to allude to a toned bottom. Again I used the whole bath bomb and again it was the right choice. 

This bomb is much lighter than the eggplant, with a blend of peach and grapefruit scents that were both invigorating and relaxing. The peach turned my bath pretty shades of light pink with subtle hints of yellow, like an actual summer peach. And unlike the eggplant, which was a bit of a show off, quickly fizzing away, the peach is a slow fizzer making it visually satisfying to watch diffusing into your warm bath water. 

I would give this bomb a 7 out of 10, because although it lived up to my visual expectations I didn’t leave the tub with the same level of total body relaxation as I did with the eggplant. 

Whether you receive the eggplant or the peach as a gift from a lover or you buy it for yourself for a laugh these bath bombs really are worth the money and I am sad that they are only limited edition. Before the month is over I may buy another eggplant or peach to indulge in a fun and deeply decadent bathing experience. 

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