Finding moments of joy in your work day

Whether your work is something you love or something you do to pay the bills it’s important to take breaks and find moments of joy within your workday.

One of the things I am really appreciating in my new job is the increase in my work-life balance. I no longer have a work phone that I feel tethered to or feel pressured to skip my lunch breaks and it has made such a change.

Although my drive to be a high performer has not diminished my anxiety levels have noticeably dropped. Being able to know that I have time each day to step outside of my office space and get some natural light and fresh air has made an incredible difference to my sense of well-being.

Taking consistent breaks is the first step but in order to get the most out of your time off, you have to make sure you are utilizing the time wisely. Which is why I try to use my new found break time to do things that nourish your soul, choosing activities that make me smile and help me feel centred.

Some of the things I am currently enjoying on my breaks are:

  • sharing lunch with friends, family and co-workers
  • reading a good book
  • taking a walk in a nearby community garden
  • watching a good show on a favourite streaming service
  • listening to music that makes me smile or want to dance
  • drinking a favourite beverage, like an almond milk chai tea latte

And sometimes the best moments of joy at work are the unexpected that come from the great people you meet and the surprise opportunities you stumble upon. Like today, when an opportunity to help a co-worker with some photos turned into a fun impromptu photoshoot with some fruits and veggies.

Taking the time to add a pause into your day by consciously drinking your favourite tea or coffee or catching up on the news with a good friend helps you to clear your mind and get back in touch with who you are outside of your role. Finding joy during your work day will help you feel more nourished and balanced, while also prompting you to tune back into your body, your needs and balancing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

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