Why you need to clean out your closet after reaching a weight loss goal

When is the right time to clean out the closets during your weight loss journey? Do you wait until you have reached your ultimate goal to get rid of clothes that are too big or clean out the closet as the weight comes off?

I recently surpassed the 30 pounds lost mark and the accomplishment came and went without too many changes to my closet. I found myself heading to work in the morning with pants that felt like they were a snug fit only to find myself hiking up my pants after taking a flight of stairs and wishing for a belt by noon.

Yesterday, I went shopping with a good friend and realized it was time to take the risk and remove the larger, too big clothing from my closet. The “skinny” jeans that I had picked for my outing were so large they started to bag in the calfs and ankles, along with the butt and thighs as I walked around the mall.

But the thing that really compelled me to reevaluate my closet was realizing that I am no longer shopping in the plus size section of the store. I was easily able to fit into size large at stores like Forever 21, where the sizes run smaller and they cater to a younger shopping clientele. This was a big accomplishment that made me feel proud of all the work I have put in to lose the post-medication weight. When I gain weight stores like Forever 21, Victoria Secret or Lululemon become no goes, so being able to hang out with friends and shop in the same places they are shopping is a great feeling.

How to decide it’s time for a closet review?

Do some introspection.

Ask yourself how far are you in your weight loss journey and how long have you been able to maintain the weight you have lost so far? Have you been able to keep off that ten or twenty pounds for the last month or six months? If so, you are probably safe to start looking through your closet, trying things on and donating or gifting to charities, friends, family etc.

Have faith.

If you have been putting in the work and making the lifestyle changes to make your weight loss a permanent change then trust that you are safe to keep just the smaller sizes in your closet. By having the old clothes still hanging around you are sending yourself a subconscious message that your weight loss isn’t permanent and you will somehow fail in the pursuit of your goals. So take that risk and get rid of those clothes that don’t fit.

Make space for the new.

Thinning out your closet can be a cause for celebration. Not only are you freeing up some prime real estate for new finds and great styles but you are also acknowledging and celebrating your success. You have put in a lot of mental and physical work to reach your goal and by deciding to clear out the old clothes, no matter how cute they may have been, allows you to make space for new things and to accept that this new body is a permanent state of being and not a phase.

Deciding to get rid of your larger clothing can be an emotional task but deciding clearing away the old will help you acknowledge your hard work. By removing clothes that are no longer serving you you will be able to put your best foot forward. Going out into the world in new clothes that fit your body well and help you put your best foot forward while also celebrating all your hard work and success.

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