Livingstone Brand Review: The best backpack for day hikes

I love discovering new companies, especially Canadian ones, that are creating products that make my life better, easier or happier. A few weeks ago I came across a new Canadian company called Livingstone Brand who make the most wonderful packable backpacks for hiking and adventures.

Weighing in at less than half a pound each these backpacks are tear-proof, water-proof and come with a ton of pockets (my favourite thing in the world). For years I have been looking for a great day trip bag and these packs fit all my needs, they are lightweight, stylish and functional.

I’ve had my black pack for just over two months and I have used it almost every weekend, especially now that the weather has started to heat up. I have taken it out on impromptu meet ups with friends, on walks around my neighbourhood, on hikes, to the dance studio and just out and about on errands.

One of the things that really sold me on this brand was the fact that their packs are actually waterproof, instead of just water resistant; an important feature when you live in the Pacific North West. On one of my earlier outings with my new bag my water bladder exploded in the side pouch and because the pack is completely waterproof and the zipper linings are water resistant nothing in my pack got wet, even though I didn’t discover the leak until three hours into my hike. Then on another outing it hailed and rained unexpectedly and all my things stayed completely dry, which I have never found with any other backpack I’ve bought over the years.

If I had to rate this bag out of ten I would give it an 9.5 because it is almost perfect. What lost points for me is the zippablity, I would have given the bag a full 10 if it had a bit more ease to zip, the water resistant sealant on the zippers combined with the lightweight/packable nature of it’s design means that you need two hands to close the bag fully whilst out and about. But overall it is a win, so much so that I signed up to be a Livingstone Brand ambassador to share my love of the product with the world.

My top favourite things about my Livingstone Brand backpack:
  • It’s actually waterproof!
  • It’s fully packable and collapses into a small pouch.
  • It’s super light and doesn’t add weight to my back while hiking!
  • It’s got pockets galore, giving me seperate spaces for my wallet, lip balm, sunscreen, water etc.

Want your own Livingstone Brand pack? Visit and use coupon code ADVENTURE_AWAITS to get 10% off your purchase.

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